The future of farming has arrived.

FarmRoad™ farm management platform is designed for Controlled Environment Agriculture and will change indoor farming for generations to come.

Welcome to the era of integrated data-driven farming.


FarmRoad™ farm management & agriculture software enables growers to bring all farming data together in one powerful, unified, easy-to-use platform.

Consolidated View

One platform for all your data

Bring your farming data from across all your operations into one place for a complete consolidated view.

Whether spread across the farm, region, the country or the globe, you’ll be able to check each location’s performance in FarmRoad™.

Digital Record

Detailed digital records

From transplant to harvest dates, you can create notes on the newsfeed for important information including spray cycles or pest incursions.

Upload photos, tag colleagues or look back at the history of the plant growth to see where improvements can be made in your next production planning session.

Crop Receipes

Crop recipes to improve growth

We’ve fine-tuned our crop recipes for success. On FarmRoad™, you’ll have access to common plant recipes including tomatoes, leafy greens and strawberries.

Adjust the recipes to fit your operation and save new successful ones to the platform for future use.

Plant Environment

Real-time updates for every variable*

Through FarmRoad™, you can monitor the environments at each of your locations including temperature, humidity, pH, and nutrient or irrigation levels - all in real-time.

*requires integration to Autogrow MultiGrow or your current automation system supplier.

Plant Health

Monitor the health of your plants

Using machine vision technology, you can keep an eye on your crops and be alerted when things aren’t looking great.

Monitor crop health (*requires NoIR cameras), flowering and fruiting for tomatoes and strawberries.

Future plans include assessment of plant stressors such as plant diseases, nutrient deficiencies or effects from pH, RH or temperature fluctuations.  

Goal Tracking

Set goals and track progress

Don’t wait until harvest to ensure you’re getting the best quality and yield. Set goals and track as you grow!

You can set targets for harvest date and yield estimates and adjust to make improvements.

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Farm management software integrations

View all key farm management information in one place including cloud-based account software and post-harvest information.

Our integrations and features provide a robust farm management solution for farmers like you.

*integration is a professional service and is charged separately to the FarmRoad subscription.

Suppliers and Buyers

Connect with suppliers and buyers

Do your inventory shopping for seed and nutrients through the FarmRoad™ shopping cart or connect with local buyers ahead of harvest (available in the U.S. via NATIVE AG App).

Have your buyer, your price and your harvest date finalized before your crop even leaves the farm.


Next generation farm management & agriculture software for researchers, greenhouses, indoor and protected growing farms


One clean, simple dashboard

All the details you need to know about your crops.

Large-scale growers or those with locations around the country or world can now bring all farms together in one view

  • No matter how busy you are, FarmRoad™ gives you a quick snapshot of what’s happening at-a-glance and what you may need to adjust to reach your goals

  • Valuable insights and trends to help you make data-driven decisions about your farm

FarmRoad farm management software

Manage & track your crop to harvest

All accessible within a powerful, unified, intuitive interface

  • Set goals and see how you’re tracking against them in our user-friendly platform

  • Track agriculture variables like temperature and humidity, nutrient and pH levels and so much more

  • Instant access to stats, trends and insights to help you make informed decisions


Interested In Learning More About FarmRoad™?

We’re just getting started on this amazing journey and we’d love you to be a part of it.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about FarmRoad™ or participating in a pilot.


Partner With Us


At its core, FarmRoad™ is designed to integrate and partner with industry technology providers and suppliers of business management software including finance, labor management and other specialized applications. You can find all your essential data in one place. We will continue to add more partners and services over the coming months to provide the best integrated agriculture software experience for farmers.


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