About FarmRoad


Crops growing on Mars, greenhouses orbiting the earth, deep sea orchards, harvester drones, and teams of robots planting seeds.

Like an astronaut looking at an unexplored planet, we know it takes courage, true vision and a dash of pure audacity to do something no one else has done before, to lead a global agricultural revolution.

But we love a challenge.


FarmRoad™ farm management software has been created to be one of the first agnostic platforms available for farm operators. This means if there’s an API (Application Programming Interface) or some form of connector – any system can integrate with FarmRoad™.


That includes finance, labor management, weather, suppliers or any other applicable services.


FarmRoad™ does more than just read captured data. It predicts the future before it happens – so you can avoid potential disasters and optimize crop growth, all from the same dashboard. It also has a scalable interface that learns and adapts, so 5, 10, 50 years in the future, it will still be compatible with any data and analytics tools you have, and any agtech product on the market.


In other words, FarmRoad™ will help to grow your business, by growing right alongside it.


Who Is FarmRoad™?


FarmRoad™ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Autogrow Systems Limited. As a Partner for FarmRoad™, any Autogrow® solution with an API can be integrated onto the platform.


In addition, because it is agnostic, competing solutions can also be integrated.


Join the Future of Farming


We are looking for large enterprises using CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) who would like to pilot FarmRoad™ and see how they can control their farms - from one platform.


If you’re interested in learning more about FarmRoad™ and whether it can work for your enterprise - get in touch.


Join us in reshaping the future of agriculture!